Healthcare PPE: What You Need to Know


We know about the lack of proper PPE for our healthcare facilities in California and for most of the country. So, what can be done now to protect our healthcare workers? 

There have been 1,425 Coronavirus reported cases in Orange County and 10,854 reported cases in Los Angeles CountyPer a KTLA article, recent infections at healthcare facilities include cases of medical workers in hospitals and hundreds of others in elder care and assisted living sites throughout California.  

Proper Donning and Doffing Procedures 

In order to keep our healthcare workers safe, it’s important that the correct use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) be rigorously and consistently applied. A recent nursing association study demonstrated that only half of the healthcare personnel removed PPE correctly under normal conditions.  

By providing proper donning and doffing procedures, validating the procedure, and auditing for adherence, this will help to ensure all workers are taking every precautionary measure to ensure personal safety and protect their health. healthcare-ppe-training-atech

Respirator Training

Fit testing of N-95 masks and PAPR (powered, air-purifying respirator) training are two types of respirator training that would ensure healthcare workers are properly utilizing the respirator equipment available to them. 

Decontamination Procedures 

When dealing with a virus as severe as COVID-19, not any typical decontamination method will work. A proper decontamination scope of work would ensure that only approved items would be used for decontamination cleaning, using the proper disinfectant, following proper protocol, and ending with post decontamination verification for both Adenosine Triphosphate testing and actual COVID-19 environmental surface testing. 

Post-Disinfectant COVID-19 Surface Testing 

healthcare-ppe-training-atechHigh-risk surfaces and high-traffic areas can be a major concern for ALL essential service providers who remain open to the public at this time. Post-Disinfectant Surface Sampling is a laboratory-analyzed surface test that detects the genetic signature of the COVID-19 virus in swab samples. 

After disinfection is complete in an area, A-Tech will sample high-contact, high-risk surfaces and/or recently disinfected surfaces. 

How We Can Help! 

A-Tech Consulting now offers the above services and more! In response to the urgent needwe are offering COVID-19 environmental services, such as surface testing for Real-Time PCR COVID-19, disinfection scopes of work, PPE training, Respirator Protection Program creation, review and implementation assistance throughout Southern California and greater Las Vegas, Nevada areas. Contact us today!