Environmental Surface Testing for COVID-19: Swab Testing

Worried About Possible Coronavirus Contamination? 

What happens when you have a confirmed case that occupies a workspace or public area? Is there a way to show your employees and patrons that the area is safe to occupy after a coworker is showing suspect symptoms or has tested positive? A specialized decontamination plan can be implemented for affected the area. Oncthe cleaning is completed, decontamination can be verified through both ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) and COVID-19 swab testing. 

As many of us have been out driving from time to time since the coronavirus pandemic has started, it is easy to observe the uptick in traffic and people moving about is increasing quickly.  Shelter in place is quickly looking different than it did even a week ago. Even so, when it comes to our work and publicly accessed facilities, there is a responsibility to provide a safe and healthy occupied environment. As people return to work and play, the likelihood of public areas and workspaces being infected is becoming more possibleWe all want to keep the curve down and do our part to get and keep our businesses open and our occupants safe.  

Decontamination and Post Disinfection Verification Testing: ATP Swab Testing vs COVID-19 Swab Testing 

When decontamination is completed, it must have been conducted in a manner to ensure it was thorough and able to pass the post disinfection verification testing. There are two swab tests that are part of the post disinfection verification testing. The first test, an ATP swab test, measures the pathogen levels present on a surface. ATP is the energy molecule found in all living cells. If there are high levels detected on a surface, it signifies a high presence of microorganisms. If the levels are low, there is high confidence that the surface is sanitary. However, due to the nature of COVID-19, it has the potential to remain on a surface for several hours or even days after contact with an affected person. 

To determine the presence of COVID-19, a swab test is done. COVID-19 swab test uses the polymerase chain reaction analysis to detect the RNA strain of COVID-19. If both ATP and COVID-19 swab tests pass, the post disinfection verification testing has been completed and the space may be re-occupied. 

In these uncertain times, being confident with something as simple as workspace cleanliness is crucial. COVID-19 is a serious threat and must be treated as such. Furthermore, giving employees the peace of mind that they won’t be infected at work is as important as the health of the employee itself. 

 A-Tech Consulting is Here to Help!  covid-19-swab-testing-atech

Here at A-Tech Consulting, we offer both Decontaminating Training as well as Decontamination Scopes of Work and Post Disinfection Verification Testing to assist with the entire COVID-19 decontamination process. We offer these services in Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as all of Southern California, including Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Ventura and Inland Empire.  

We understand that this shut down has been very difficult for everyone, the last thing that you want is to get re-shut down because of a facility-related COVID outbreak. Being proactive is a more cost-effective and expeditious approach 

We are here to assist you during this COVID-19 pandemic and all your environmental needs! For more information contact us at 800-434-1025 or visit our website at https://atechinc.net/