Essential Worker Protection: Steps to take to stop the spread


With the California StayAtHome Order still in effect, the strain on essential worker protection is higher than ever. As an employer/employee of this workforce, the question arises, how can I protect myself or my workers and ensure their safety?  

What PPE and Training Should I Offer? 

The basic CDC guidelines of social distancing and frequent hand washing are a good foundation for protecting yourself when working, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Correct hand sanitizing methods can add extra protection for yourself when those guidelines cannot be followedFace masks and gloves are some simple forms of PPE that can significantly decrease the chances of contracting COVID-19. PPE must be donned (putting on) and doffed (taking off) correctly. The hand sanitizer being used during this process must be an alcoholbased, anti-viral, and antibacterial solution to properly protect you. 

Donning and Doffing Methods for Essential Workers 

A simple rule of thumb, when donning/doffing anything in your mouth/nose region, is to ensure that your hands are sanitized first. The hand sanitizing process should take about 20 seconds and should focus on the front and back of your hands, thumbs, in between your fingers and your fingertips. Once dried and sanitized, carefully put on your mask, avoiding touching your face and hair as much as possible. Once the mask is adjusted and comfortably formed to your face, put your gloves on. You are now ready for any work task. However, once you begin working, it is important to avoid touching your face and face mask at all times, unless your gloves or hands have been sanitized properly. 


When you have completed your work task and ready to doff your PPE, be sure to go in the opposite order that you donned your PPE, starting with your gloves first. When feasible, this doffing process shall take place near a waste container to avoid contamination. Using the “beaking method”, pinch the first glove in the wrist area and pull away. While holding the glove in your other gloved hand, pull the glove off. Now, using two fingers from your ungloved hand, slide your fingers under the wrist area of your single gloved hand and hook your fingers. Then pull away from the gloved hand removing the glove entirely while still holding the gloves together. Throw away the gloves and sanitize hands properly. Once your hands have dried, carefully take off your mask, touching your face and hair as little as possible. 


How Can A-Tech Help! 

Here at A-Tech, we offer extensive PPE Donning and Doffing Training for all occupations, as well as proper disinfection training for janitorial, construction, healthcare, and disinfection staff. We need our essential workers now more than ever and protecting them should be the top priority for everyone. We are here to assist you and ensure essential worker protection anywhere in the greater Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego County, and Inland Empire areas during this COVID-19 pandemic and all your environmental needs!  

Contact us at [email protected] or 1-800-434-1025.