The Ongoing Changes of Face Mask Laws in Southern California

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic grows, health officials are recommending the general public to wear face masks or facial coverings to minimize the spread of the virus. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) advises putting on a cloth face covering when going out in public areas, such as grocery stores. Some city and county officials have taken this advisory a step further by executing mandates.  

Another Day, Another Regulation

On April 10, 2020, the City of Irvine required that all essential business workers and patrons wear face coverings in public. As of April 13, 2020, the City of Costa Mesa required all workers, residents and visitors to put on face coverings while outside their homes and vehicles. Later, Orange County approved a mandate on April 21, 2020, requiring all employees who interact with the public to wear face coverings whereas Los Angeles County implemented an ordinance earlier on April 15, 2020, mandating within its 88 cities that face coverings must be worn by all essential business workers and patrons. And then just the week of May 10th San Bernardino and Riverside Counties rescinded their mask mandates and made them recommendations. As we watch the plan for state reopening unfold, the landscape and the plans seem to change daily. 

Can Face Masks really Prevent the Spread of the Virus?

proper-face-mask-usage-atechAs local governments tighten COVID-19 regulations, many employees and residents question the effectiveness of wearing face masks or other similar coverings in efforts to reduce the spread of this virus. However, the biggest factor in a mask’s success lies in proper usage. Infectious disease expert Dr. Daniel Griffin of Columbia University has said that studies show instances of masks failing to prevent contamination because “people don’t use them [correctly]. They touch the front of it. They adjust it. They push it down somehow to get their nose stuck out.” Therefore, even with these ordinances in place, cross-contamination will likely occur if improper usage continues, especially in businesses that may require workers and patrons to be in close proximity, such as at grocery stores, restaurants, banks and pharmacies.  

How A-Tech Can Help 

Even if businesses and companies provide face masks or other PPE (personal protective equipment) to staff, employees must be properly trained on how to properly wear protective gear for the PPE to be fully effective. Contact your local hygiene professionals at A-Tech Consulting to provide training in proper use and disposal of PPE as well as implementing effective infection and virus control measures. It is imperative that we protect our essential businesses and front-line workers and uphold the safety of the general public.  

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