Mold Services

Fungal and bacterial contamination can originate through many sources within a building and can proliferate rapidly, causing a widespread occurrence of opportunistic infectious diseases in an occupied space. Mold or bacteria evaluations indicate potential moisture and growth sources as well as the type and extent of contamination allowing the trained Environmental Health Professional to develop a response and remediation plan that will rectify the contamination, protecting building occupants from exposure and building representatives from costly medical or legal liability.


Air, Surface and/or Bulk Sampling and Analysis 

Water Intrusion Evaluation and Source Identification

Visual Assessment, Interviews and Moisture Meter Readings FLIR Thermal Imaging

Design, Implementation and Management of a Remediation Plan


Remediation Oversight and Project Monitoring

Air, Surface and/or Bulk Sampling Clearance Inspections

Have Mold or Moisture Emergency?

Our Team of Environmental Experts are ready to respond to your most urgent concerns to help you mitigate potential environmmental issues.


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