Air Handler Decon


A regional hospital Director of Facilities was preparing budget for an upcoming air handler recommissioning project. Upon the initial inspection by the hospital, unidentifiable growth and stagnant water was discovered in several of the air handlers. The filters had also been observed to be deficient and not in accordance with their replacement and maintenance protocols. As their long time trusted environmental consultant, A-Tech was contacted and asked to respond to the situation. The project was urgent and the air handlers needed to be online as soon as possible. A-Tech sprung into action having six of their best technicians working around the clock assessing and testing every air handler at the hospital and the areas each are handler serviced for environmental concerns including mold, sewage and legionella.


Based on the findings of the samples and laboratory analysis, A-Tech created a very thorough and detailed response and remedial plan within the assessment report. A-Tech coordinated one of the best and most responsive remedial companies in their area and immediate remedial action was initiated. We assisted our client during every phase of the process to expeditiously coordinate the decontamination of each affected air handler. A-Tech conducted full time oversight and comprehensive clearance sampling for each air handler. The system was recommissioned upon completion of the project and the air supplying the building was clean and safe. A-Tech, improving the quality of the air we breathe one building at a time.



Emergency Assessment
Decontamination Monitoring


Emergency Assessment
Decontamination Monitoring


Legionella Water Sampling