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A-Tech In New Orleans

A-Tech was contracted to help with the restoration of an apartment complex that was affected by Hurricane Ida in the southern part of Louisiana. Of the 48 units, 27 were significantly affected by water and mold. The roof and siding had been ripped off the buildings causing rain and flood waters to saturate the interiors of the buildings. We were asked to perform Asbestos testing of all suspect materials damaged by the storm and at a later time we also provided mold procedures for the units affected by significant mold growth.


After determining what units where affected, I proceeded to take samples and document them turning the samples in the next morning to help facilitate a quick turnaround time even due to the prolonged lab times. The project was scheduled to take the full week but due to coordination and communication with the client and the support team the project finished a day early and didn’t delay the client’s timeframe. Even when the parameters changed requiring extra documentation for the mold, we were able to get everything documented and sent over in a timely manner. Overall we were able to tackle a large project and quickly and effectively perform the tasks the client needed to proceed with their project without any delay.