Hospital Basement Flooding


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The Basement of a large hospital flooded completely due to heavy rains. The water came in through the loading dock and flooded most of the 5,000 SF Basement. The main issue was that all areas of the Basement were in use and needed to stay in use, even with the flooding. The hospital was able to get the water out of the basement; however, most of the walls had high amounts of moisture and the hospital worried about potential mold growth. The hospital’s policy is to remove any wet drywall as to eliminate the possibility of mold growth. A-Tech responded quickly to the flooding and was at the hospital performing moisture mapping of all areas that were affected by the moisture intrusion. All areas were highlighted on a drawing provided by the hospital in order to allow the abatement contractor to know the exact areas that they would need to do removal.


A detailed report was generated with specific recommendations for what exact areas and materials needed to be removed. In addition to the moisture mapping, A-Tech conducted asbestos bulk sampling of all materials that were affected by the moisture intrusion. This included flooring and walls. All samples were taken and delivered to a certified laboratory. The results showed that asbestos was present in the composite drywall and in some of the flooring systems. Based on the inspection data gathered in the Basement, A-Tech was able to work with the hospital and the abatement contractor to come up with the best game plan to remove all of the moisture-impacted composite drywall and flooring that were asbestos-containing. This project lasted approximately four weeks, with the abatement contractor and A-Tech working around the clock to get the Basement remediated so that the rebuild could begin. Once one area was completely abatement and dry, A-Tech would run an air clearance for both asbestos and mold. Once each area passed clearance, the contractor would immediately begin the rebuild. The hospital was happy with the efficiency of this project.