Initial AHERA Inspections


During the initial AHERA inspection, it is required to sample all friable materials (fireproofing, acoustic ceilings, pipe insulation, etc.) and document the condition of all non-friable materials (walls, flooring, etc.). A-Tech performed an initial AHERA inspection for a district recently. This district had sparse data collected over many years and were looking to start fresh. Over the course of one week, A-Tech visited 30 school sites and performed sampling of all friable materials and did a visual inspection of all non-friable materials. The condition of each material was documented. In addition, photos were taken of each material for reference. Every room in every building was observed and tested, including attics and janitorial closets. After receiving the sampling data, A-Tech was able to write the AMP per school site. This AMP and inspection data gathered was compiled into a master binder for the district’s records and put into a separate binder per school site, as required by law. In addition, all data is stored on our online database for the client to view from any smart device.


To assist with the six-month internal inspections, A-Tech provided the district with checklists to use for each school site. During the initial inspections, a few school sites had minor concerns regarding asbestos-containing materials. The district worked with A-Tech and the asbestos abatement contractor to properly remove the asbestos that could potentially become hazardous for the students. After removal, A-Tech performed air clearance sampling for asbestos, using AHERA air sampling protocols. All removal data was recorded in the AHERA reports to document that the potential hazard was repaired. This removal data is stored on the online database and would be recorded in the three-year AHERA re-inspections. The AHERA process is extensive and A-Tech is there to guide the district along the way to stay in compliance and keep all students, faculty and school staff safe from asbestos exposure at all times.