Hospital OR Roof Leaks

A-Tech was contracted by a large hospital chain construction department to conduct various services due to an upcoming Operating Room Department project. The project was due to an ongoing roof leak that forced the hospital to closed the Operating Rooms, which is one of the worst things that can happen. A-Tech conducted a through Asbestos, Lead and HAZMAT Assessment. The assessment included: identify and sampling for asbestos, lead, mold, PCBs and identifying ballast and mercury bulbs. After the Results came in, there were various positive materials. A-Tech derived a scope of work for all hazmat related items in the project and presented the deliverables to the client.

To help delineate the scope, A-Tech participated in meetings and job walks with general contractors. Once a contractor was selected, our client requested A-Tech to monitor the project for abatement activities and dust control. Dust Control continued periodically throughout the demo phase of the project to ensure no fugitive dust emitted from the work area. A-Tech was also requested to ensure all infection control permit items were complied with. Clearance letters with laboratory results for respirable particulates were submitted to the clientl weekly. Employees started to report dust exposure but our client was able to provide the data from the testing conducted and it appeased the employees that they were not being exposed to dust above regulatory acceptable limits (PELs)

This project spanned a year and had its ups and downs but with A-Tech there, the hospital was able to maintain regulatory compliance and keep in good standing with the hospital employees and regulatory agencies. Once the project was complete, A-Tech provided a closeout report with all supporting documentation compiled pertinent to that project.