Fentanyl Contamination

A-Tech was retained by a property management company to investigate illicit drug contamination throughout a unit of a hotel in California.  Fentanyl and Methamphetamine were suspected throughout the unit. A-Tech Prepared a workplan and health and safety plan, contracted the appropriate laboratory that can help achieve the required detection limits, secured the sampling media, and personal protective equipment. 

Based on California, Assembly Bill No. 1596, Fentanyl contamination is determined by concentrations equal to or above the limit of detection at 0.01 microgram per 100 centimeters squared (ug/100cm2), and Methamphetamine contamination is determined by concentrations equal to or above 1.35 ug/100cm2.

The investigative procedures were performed by collecting a 100 cm2 surface area sample using an alcohol based moist wipe media and immediately placing the sample within a 50 milliliter (mL) vial. The sample location was plotted on the site map and logged into the chain of custody form. A total of 17 representative samples were collected from the walls, floors, tables, and other features throughout the unit. The samples were transported to the analytical laboratory for testing.

The laboratory report indicated positive concentrations above the detection limit for Fentanyl, which resulted in a series of remedial events to properly decontaminate the unit. Once the
concentrations for Fentanyl and Methamphetamine were reported below the regulatory limits, the unit was safe for human occupancy.