3-Year AHERA Re-Inspections


Every three years, each school district is required to have a certified asbestos consulting company inspect all of their known asbestos-containing materials. After successfully submitting a competitive bid, A-Tech was tasked with completing AHERA Re-Inspections of all sites throughout La-Mesa/Spring Valley School District. These sites included school facilities and other district facilities. These three-year re-inspections were completed in conjunction with the school district’s 6-month inspections, in order to keep the school district in compliance with the AHERA regulation.

A-Tech visited the school district to extract all pertinent data pertaining to the previous AHERA Re-Inspection. This data would be used to complete the current three-year AHERA Re-Inspections. A-Tech coordinated with the school district to complete these re-inspections after regular school hours. During these re-inspections, the current condition of each known asbestos-containing material was documented for each site in our online environmental database. If a material was removed, replaced or had a change in condition, this would be documented by us. Any materials that required immediate attention would be brought to the attention of our main contact with the school district. Four sites were completed per shift, allowing us to complete all re-inspections in five days.


Upon completion of all re-inspections, all data was inputted into two separate folders per site. In addition to the data from the previous AHERA Re-Inspection, this data was organized into two separate folders, which were delivered to the school district within two weeks after the completion of all re-inspections. The school district was also made aware that this information was stored in our environmental database, which will allow the school district representatives to access this data from any smart device. The school district was very happy with the final product and being able to access their data from any location.