Noise Exposure Services

Noise Exposure Monitoring and Testing

At A-Tech, we specialize in noise exposure sampling, monitoring, and analysis to assess if employees are at risk of exceeding regulatory and recommended noise limits during their workday. Our dedicated team of safety and industrial hygiene experts utilizes the results of this analysis to pinpoint the source of any noise hazards and offer suitable options to safeguard worker safety. Furthermore, we offer comprehensive evaluations of existing hearing protection to ensure it effectively safeguards workers’ hearing and meets regulatory standards. If necessary, we can assist in the development and implementation of a Hearing Conservation Program, providing written program documentation and training support to ensure compliance and foster a safe working environment. 

Noise Measuring

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Who Is Affected By Noise Pollution?

Exposure to high and prolonged noise levels poses significant risks to workers, including the potential for hearing disorders, stress-related ailments, and reduced productivity. Sustained exposure to industrial noise can result in permanent hearing loss and other long-term health complications. It is crucial to prioritize the implementation of appropriate measures to mitigate these risks and ensure the well-being of workers.

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