SEA How-To

Let’s get started!

SEA stands for Search Everything A-Tech and that’s what you can do – search for everything that you need during your training period at A-Tech! We created this website as part of a training manual to make it easy for all new employees to search for a topic or subject they are learning. In SEA, you will find detail manuals from all departments – how to create a report, how to take a sample, invoicing procedures and so much more.

How It WorksOption 1: Search
The first option is to use the search feature by typing in a keyword and clicking “submit.” Once you type in your search word, all the results will populate and you can select the manual that applies to what you’re searching for.

Option 2: Search by Department
The second option is to search by department. Go to the department that you are looking for and click the header to view the manuals under each section.
In each manual, there may be hyperlinks which connects to other manuals or articles.


Watch the SEA Tutorial Below