Storm Causes Ceiling Collapse

Southern California doesn’t get too much rain but when it does, it causes a lot of damage. A-Tech was reached out to conduct asbestos and lead testing due to a sudden ceilin collapse in the structure, impacting operations and creating a potential hazard to building occupants. After a thorough engineering investigation, it was determined that anchors and clips were compromised throughout the building and would need to be resecured. Since this involved drilling into suspect hazardous materials, A-Tech inspected all potential areas throughout the 100,000 SF building and used a scissor lift to get into the difficult areas of concern.

A-Tech was able to handle this challenge by having multiple technicians on-site daily and expediting samples results for quick report turn around times. Due to A-Tech’s qualified personnel, technicians were able to operate the scissor lift and access locations that were hard to reach. A-Tech was able to provide results, reports, and detailed scope of work under the ambitious timeline set by the client. We formulated the most efficient way to resecure anchors and clips to get the building back to fully operational.