Snow Storm in Alaska

When a massive blizzard left a 40,000 square foot school campus in rough condition, A-Tech was called on to handle the hazardous materials testing. With severe water damage found throughout the building, testing in 58 different rooms was needed. Stage one of the testing protocol called for a visual mold and moisture assessment to assess the severity of the water damage. Once the visual assessment was complete, a lead and asbestos testing was conducted on the materials recommended for removal. Once the project was complete, A-Tech finished up with post-mold remediation testing including visual assessments, moisture assessments, and fungal air sampling throughout the 58 rooms.

With a plan in place to execute the testing, the team was met with external obstacles to overcome. Some included working through blizzard conditions, getting results in a timely manner in order to ship them to the lower states for analysis, being able to get supplies up to Alaska, and the rural conditions in the area. Since there are no roads in or out of Juneau, Alaska, supplies had to be brought in through plane or boat. Working closely with the remediation company, A-Tech adapted to the ever-changing obstacles on-site, coming up with solutions to bring in equipment and expedite the clearance process.
On this project, open communication was the key. From managing expectations to creating feasible timelines all parties had to be on the same page to ensure we met our deadline.