Modular Construction Site Assessment

Project Summary

As much as Los Angeles needed rain, it became an issue for many construction sites. A-Tech was contacted to conduct a limited asbestos and mold assessment of all interior spaces for a modular construction site that was heavily impacted by rain. The prefabricated interior finishes suffered moisture-related damage and heavy mold growth which was later confirmed by laboratory analysis.

A fast turnaround time was needed to keep the project on schedule, protect workers and make sure the future residents were safe. There were many obstacles such as limited access to all areas, active construction, and continuous rain. A-Tech was able to overcome these complications and meet the client’s needs through preplanning, thorough investigation, and the usage of proper equipment and proprietary software (Enviroshare).

Key Points

• A-Tech informed the client what services were necessary to be in compliance with local regulations.

• A-Tech responded promptly and was able to provide the client quick results with detailed recommendations for each interior space.

• A-Tech utilized state of the art moisture mapping equipment to generate a accurate scope of work that reflected all damages even those not visible to the naked eye.