Historic Hotel Project


Villa Riviera is an 18-story historical hotel in the city of Long Beach that was converted to condominiums. The exterior of this building was scheduled to be repainted. Prior to the painting, it was specified by the historical restoration contractor to have the exterior lead-based paint to be removed, as well as the asbestos-containing window putty that was in deteriorating condition

A-Tech conducted a thorough lead paint survey to determine the presence of lead paint and develop a detailed scope of work for removal. After several test removal mock-ups, it was determined that chemical removal was the safest and would not damage the substrate of this historical building. It was critical develop and adhere to a systematic schedule, sequencing each trade to expedite the process and cause as little disruption to the building occupants as possible.


To make this possible, A-Tech had collaborative process with the HOA to enter 6-8 units at a time and conduct pre-walk-through of all areas that would be impacted at the beginning of each week and conduct all asbestos and lead clearances in all of the units simultaneously and the end of the removal phase.  Asbestos results were read on site and lead results were analyzed on a rush basis to help return the occupants living situation back to normal as quickly as possible. We are proud to have been a part of the process that allowed this historical building to be returned to her former beauty.