Future Hospital Facility


silica Exposure Assessment
Personal Air Monitoring


A large hospital group had a future site that was undergoing construction. As part of this project, one of their subcontractors’ scope was to remove paint from the exterior of the structure by sandblasting the paint off. This was performed using a boom lift, as much of the paint was in excess of 30 feet high. The subcontractor was using a full hood with supplied air in order to prevent any exposure caused by the silica in the sandblasting compound. However, the hospital group wanted to ensure the removal process would not expose other workers to the silica.


A-Tech Consulting created a written work process that would reduce silica exposure to the employees. On site A-Tech’s environmental technician placed a personal air sampling pump in the breathing zone of the employee who would be doing the sandblasting. This sample was worn by the employee during all sandblasting activities. In addition, A-Tech documented all engineering controls used by the subcontractor during the sandblasting. The hospital group was also concerned about the exposure to the employees working in the vicinity of the sandblasting. This concern lead A-Tech to place ambient air samples along the perimeter of the controlled access work area. Sample analysis was conducted daily to ensure occupational exposure was minimized. Employee exposure to environmental hazards is always a concern and A-Tech is always available to create a safe working environment for any project.