Bridge Retrofit Project


A bridge, which carried a lot of daily traffic, was planned in the retrofit project was planned in the Palm Desert community. The city hired a general contractor who would be responsible for installing crossbeams in order to strengthen the bridge in the event of a large earthquake. The crossbeams would be welded on to the existing beams. Before the welding process could begin, the lead paint on the existing beams would need to be completely removed. The general contractor tasked A-Tech with putting together a lead removal work plan. As part of this work plan, A-Tech enacted a clearance criteria for all lead wipes, which would protect all workers welding the crossbeams onto the existing beams. Before the start of this project, A-Tech obtained soil samples below the bridge as background samples prior to the start of the paint stripping from the beams.


A-Tech’s certified project monitor performed daily personal air monitoring on the breathing zone of the certified abatement contractor’s workers who were stripping the paint from the beams. A boom lift was used for the abatement workers to have access to the beams. A full containment was set up around each beam due to the high winds below the bridge. The full containment would help to prevent soil contamination to the area below. After each area was completely stripped, A-Tech performed lead wipe clearance sampling. All of the areas where the paint was stripped had wipe samples collected directly on the beam. At the end of the project, soil samples were taken below the bridge to ensure that the soil is not contaminated with lead. All samples passed clearance and the retrofitting project was able to proceed without any delays.