Brawley Beet Plant

A-Tech was contracted by a design-build contractor to perform testing on a small beet plant that was slated for demolition, but was starting to collapse on itself. Due to the collapsing, it was important that this project was taken care of immediately.  The scope of work had called for lead testing but after indentifying potential asbestos containing material, our technicians took samples on site as well. 

In preparation for the project, A-Tech set up an articulating boom lift along with all necessary fall protection to perform the job.  A-Tech technicians were able to peform all requested testing in the span of one day! The Technicians worked efficiently to complete all documentation and once the results were provided, A-Tech delivered the report with all necessary details on a rapid turn-around. The client was thrilled that we were able to perform all functions quickly and efficiently to meet their requested deadline.