Apartment Renovation Project


Comprehensive Asbestos Survey


A-Tech was contracted to complete a limited asbestos survey at a large apartment complex with 35 buildings. Asbestos Rule 1206 had recently gone into effect in San Diego, requiring asbestos testing for any repairs or renovations to materials that may contain asbestos. This asbestos sampling included testing in the Pool House, Maintenance Office and Leasing Center. The client wanted testing done of walls, ceilings and flooring systems throughout the apartment complex. A-Tech coordinated with the apartment staff in order to do the testing in enough apartment units per building. The schedule was for us to do testing in 15 apartment units per day for 10 days.


The apartment complex was able to provide us with floor plans of all of the units to be tested. This expedited the testing in each unit. One representative from the apartment complex escorted us to each unit in each building. Testing of the floors, ceilings and walls took approximately 15-30 minutes per unit. All samples were plotted on the floor plans and the asbestos sample information was inputted into our environmental online database. This database has helped us become more paperless and environmentally friendly. After all sampling was finished, the asbestos bulk samples were delivered to a certified laboratory to be analyzed. The client was called as soon as the results were delivered to us. The asbestos survey report was generated using the same environmental database and delivered to the client within 5 business days. This asbestos survey, along with any other project completed for this project, is now housed in our environmental database, allowing our client access to this report, or any report, from any smart device at any location. This client was very happy with the timeframe in which they received their sample results and full report.