Methane Survey

Project Summary

A-Tech conducted a Methane Survey to assess any potential impacts at the Starlight and Scale House Sites resulting from potential landfill methane vapor intrusion. The chemicals of potential concern were Volatile Organic Compounds and Methane.

A-Tech used direct reading instruments including a MultiRAE 5-Gas meter to measure Oxygen, Hydrogen Sulfide, Volatile Organic Compounds, and Carbon Monoxide. A-Tech also used an RKI Eagle 2 to measure Methane concentration, and percent Lower Explosive Levels.

A-Tech field personnel collected air samples from inside and outside the buildings using four (4) 6-Liter Summa canisters with flow regulators calibrated to 24 hours.

Key Points

• Landfills are subject to produce methane and hazardous leachate that can impact the subsurface. Due to the proximity of the landfill, there is reasonable concern for potential vapor intrusion from the landfill produced chemicals into the Site.
• The Client was concerned with the extent of methane concentrations in the ambient air that may impact human health and the environment through vapor intrusion from the adjacent landfill.
• A-Tech personnel mobilized to the Site and took direct readings with field instruments. The personnel used their professional judgments to properly place the summa cannisters at human breathing zones. These cannisters were then collected the next day.
• No hiccups were encountered during the length of this Methane Survey Report. Air samples and direct readings were collected successfully and compared to regional screening levels.