Indoor Air Quality Assessment


Indoor Air Quality Assessment for Environmental Compliance

The indoor air quality inside your building can have a huge effect on the health of its inhabitants. Both commercial and residential buildings need clean, allergen-free air in order to create a safe, comfortable and healthy environment for inhabitants.

Air quality is one of the most important aspects of creating a productive, healthy and comfortable environment. Low-quality air is one of several factors that leads to “sick building syndrome” – a major cause of health issues and reduced productivity.

We offer indoor air quality assessment services for both residential and commercial buildings in Southern California. Our indoor air quality experts can carry out a full test of your building’s air quality to identify any risk factors or issues.

What are the effects of low air quality?

Indoor air quality is an extremely important aspect of keeping your building healthy and productive. Low-quality air is linked to a number of health issues, from lung and throat issues to a correlation with mood issues and mental illness.

Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) is a description for buildings that lead to health issues for inhabitants. Air quality is one of the most common causes of SBS, particularly for older buildings with poor flow of air between rooms and common areas.

Poor indoor air quality has also been linked to reduced productivity. Environments in which low air quality is a problem typically have lower happiness, a far reduced desire to work effectively and a range of other serious health issues.

A huge range of factors can affect indoor air quality. Many buildings with air quality issues can trace the source of these problems back to an infestation, the growth of a mold or other hazardous substance or insufficient ventilation and air flow.

Beyond causing issues for employees and building inhabitants, poor air quality can lead to the development and growth of allergens such as molds and dust mites – an even more serious threat to your building’s health over time.

Why have an air quality assessment carried out?

Poor air quality isn’t always easy to notice. While some forms of air pollution, such as the exhaust fumes from vehicles or smog from a large factory, are easy to notice and identify, other air quality issues can be harder for most people to notice.

Low or reduced indoor air quality is closely correlated with most Building-Related Illnesses, making it one of the first things any building owner should monitor in an effort to improve conditions inside their building for employees and residents.

As part of our indoor air quality assessment, our experienced team will identify and list the air quality issues your building faces and provide detailed recommendations on the best course of action for improving air quality inside your building.

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