Hydrogeologic & Hydrologic Modeling

What is Hydrogeologic and Hydrologic Modeling?

Groundwater models are developed to simulate subsurface flow and contaminant transport at a given site and to evaluate effects of influencing factors on the site conditions. Groundwater managers and decision-makers then utilize the calibrated model (a model that is behaving in accordance with measured field data) for predicting future conditions at the site. Integrated hydrologic models connect the surface and subsurface models to better understand the linkage between the two.

How A-Tech Can Help

A-Tech has in-house expert modelers, who can effectively develop site-specific groundwater flow and contaminant transport model. In fact, A-Tech’s experts have developed models that convinced Regional Water Quality Control Boards and Counties’ officials to approve site closure and issue no-further-action letters. Additionally, A-Tech’s experts modelers have developed numerical models to for evaluating basin conditions, future forecasts and water budget.