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Environmental Testing and Allergen Analysis Service

Allergen testing is one of the most important aspects of environmental compliance, as well as a fundamental part of ensuring your workplace or residential building is suitable for its inhabitants.

We offer allergen testing services for businesses and residential buildings located in California. Our experienced and OSHA certified team can test your building for hazardous allergens and provide actionable advice and solutions.

What are the effects of allergens in a building?

During the second half of the 20th century, scientists coined the term “sick building syndrome” to describe buildings, both commercial and residential, that can lead to negative health effects for their inhabitants.

Allergens, which can make their way into your building from outside or reside in a building inside common construction materials or furniture, can lead to a wide and serious range of health issues.

Common allergens include dust mites and mold, which can develop inside a building over time and threaten its occupants’ health. Other allergens include chemicals and building materials such as fiberglass, which can cause irritation for many people.

The health effects of allergens can range from coughs, sneezes and other annoying effects to potentially serious health conditions. Large-scale allergen issues have the potential to cause respiratory issues in certain people.

Why get your building allergen tested?

While the most common allergens, such as dust mites and mold, may not affect all of the people that work or live inside your building, some allergens can lead to serious health issues and reactions in many people.

Having your building allergen tested gives you a detailed understanding of the top air quality risks affecting its inhabitants. Allergen testing also provides information that can be used to take immediate action to improve your building’s air quality.

From removing pollutants to improving your building’s air quality through higher quality ventilation, we can provide detailed information and advice on the services available to improve your building’s air quality and keeping allergens at bay.

Our allergen testing services

We offer high quality allergen testing services for both commercial and residential buildings in California. Our testing quickly identifies hazardous allergens and provides an actionable solution for removing allergens from your building.

Home allergen tests may reveal some common allergens, but they’re unable to find many of the most hazardous allergens that can affect your building’s air and lead to health issues. Our in-depth tests quickly find even the peskiest of indoor allergens.

As part of our allergen testing process, we look at all of the areas in which allergens can grow into potential issues. From bathrooms to HVAC systems, our team tests all of your building’s risk areas for allergens to ensure nothing is missed or ignored.

Following our testing, we can provide detailed information on any allergens that are found inside your building, as well as actionable advice and solutions for removing a wide range of hazardous allergens from your building to make it healthier.

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